Michel Bardel's list - Frequently Asked Questions.

Last updated Oct 5, 2003

- Is it your own collection list ?
It is more than my collection list. It is a tentative list of all existing mechanical machines since 1820. I have worked it out for more than ten years, using all the lists, catalogs, brochures, books, ads I could find. There are still lists to come, so this table will increase regularly. My own collection is not very large.

- Why this starting date of 1820 ?
Because it is the invention of THOMAS arithmomètre, the first machine ever mass produced. In fact you will find some older machines, but they were never produced in more than a few units.

- The Fields of the List:
Most of the fields titles are self explanatory, some are detailed hereafter.

Field Meaning
N Record Number in the data base. A record number is not supposed to change and will always refer to the same machine
Function (A)ddition; (S)ubstraction; (M)ultiplication; (D)ivision; (R)epeat
Type-Y Introduction of Type, date of first machine in type
Min-Y Exact introduction date unknown; soonest possible introduction date
Max-Y Exact introduction date unknown; latest possible introduction date
E/M E=Electrical M=Manual X=Both
Manufacturer Manufacturer code - manufacturer may change or have different adresses over time
Input Type of device for input : see table hereafter
Capacity Number of figures in : input x multiplier x result
Acc Number of figures in accumulator
Print Printer : (Y)es; (N)o; or Number of positions printed, including special characters
Updated Date of last update of this record

- Input devices Codes
Not all machines have keyboards, here are the codes used for the different input devices used:

Code French English Examples
C2 Deux rangs two rows Facit, Dalton
CC Clavier complet full keyboard Comptometer
CH Chaine chain Golden Gem
CR Clavier réduit simple keyboard Olivetti
CS Crosses stylus slide Troncet, Addiator
CU Curseurs cursors Baldwin, Odhner, Thomas
DC Demi clavier complet half keyboard Contex
GL Glissières slides Comptator, Addo
LE Levier levers Bayley
RC Roues crantées dial wheels Addometer, Conto, Calcumeter, Brical
RT Un rang de touches one row Adix

- How do I know when the table is updated ?
The update date is indicated on each page. When an existing record is updated, the "Updated" field is changed. I try to do it precisely, but I know that I have forgotten some. I will improve on this point. The added records are numbered sequentially. Last record number (N) before this update : (see table below)

- How many records are there in your list ?
As it stands today, you can find (see table below) records.
Note that there are other records in the original data base that do not appear here (slide rules, abacus, electronic calculators,...)

- What do you mean with the "year of introduction"?
Unfortunately, it is not always the same meaning. I should have called it differently. It can be the patent year, the first date of a manual, the manufacturing date of the first serial production machine, or the beginning of marketing somewhere in the world. Most of the time, it is the beginning of marketing, but, in Martin, it is often the date of the invention and I have intensively used Martin's dates when I had no more precise reference.

- Can I submit extensions or modifications ?
Of course, you can, all your inputs are welcome. Just email to Michel. See Instructions hereafter.

- INSTRUCTIONS for submission of modifications or additions
Give as many details as possible on the machine itself (a picture is the best), and make sure you give the exact reference of the source of information (book, list, invoice, repair receipt, ad, machine S/N, etc.) with as many details on this source as possible (a copy is the best), including what is most valuable when you have it: its date.

- Is your data base limited to what you display here ?
No, in fact, this data base has more than 70 fields. They include detailed functions, weight, material, etc... If you have specific questions, don't hesitate to ask. The data base also includes a lot of electronic calculators, abacus and slide rules for a total of (see table below) records.

- Some machines appear more than once in your list. Why ?
Because there are machines with the same type that are slightly different (for instance Manual and Electrical, or Green and Grey), or because I have an entry in my data base for a specific S/N and its exact manufacturing date.

Summary of the List Parameters
Characteristic Value Notes
Number of the last record in the data base 3720 Oct 4, 2003 
Number of the last record before the last Update 3286 April 7, 1998
How many records in the data base ? 3581 because some were suppressed
and no record can take a number already used
How many records in the List published here ? 2476 because other records include electronic calculators
and slide rules


I would like to thank Elisabeth MARS, who gave me an entire access to Patrick KAUFMAN's work, after he suddenly passed away. I owe him several important corrections to my list. Patrick was an active member of our French Association.
I would also like to thank all those who sent their comments, additions, and corrections and those who helped me to find old catalogues, books and other references. I also thank all of you who don't hesitate to publish information on the mailing list managed by Erez.
I will certainly forget some of you, be sure that I thank you too :
Paul Anderson, François Babillot, Guy Ball, Henri Batton, Jean-René Berland, Nicolas Bodley, Kevin Corbitt, Maurizio Davini, André Devaux, Skip Godfrey, Brian Hawes, Peter Holland, Catherine Jami, Stephen Johnston, Ernie Jorgenson, Erez Kaplan, Sébastien Le Cocguen, Timo Leipala, Daniel Lewin, Ray Mackay, Christophe Mery, Michel Mouyssinat, Bob Otnes, Claude Reymond, James Redin, Darryl Rehr, Carlo Vandoni, Bob Welsh.